Handwritten Code for Todos

I feel like I have tried every single app, software or digital tool on the market for productivity and todo lists, but I always end up going back to the tried and true pen and paper solution.  This evening I came across this handwritten todo code that Word Notebooks adds as a guide to managed your lists.

Dots for bullet points, circles for high priority, one slash for in progress and a X for completed tasks.  I might have to order a pack of the Swedish Camo notebooks.

Introducing Awesomeness - BoxRockit

There is a new kid on the block and I believe that this startup is going to take off like a Rocket! BoxRockit, still a very young startup, is the answer to selling digital products online, easily.

Sell anything digital like eBooks, videos, digital art, photography, fonts, software using one channel (Twitter) to engage, inform, share, market and sell…

Quickly, easily, cheaply.

I really cant stress how easy it is to sell your “stuff” online. You dont need a website or any of the things associated with online e-commerce. All you need is a digital product.

How many resources are designers and developers, photographers and writers sitting on? I say it’s time to get all that stuff online and make some cash with it, right? Let’s face it, you already spend hours gaining followers on Twitter anyway, now you can sell your products to them!

Basically to put it in a nutshell:

  1. You sign up for FREE at using your Twitter account.
  2. You add a digital download product and schedule some tweets.
  3. Watch the cash roll in :)

If you have any questions regarding BoxRockit please visit the BoxRockit FAQ page or tweet them @BoxRockit or you can just contact me (@pweingartz) on Twitter.

Creativity to me is the process of creation fueled by inspiration, guided by convention and stifled by intervention.

Paul Weingartz

Someone asked me today to define creativity. Staying true to my analytical nature I came up with the somewhat pessimistic quote above.

Ideas of May

What a fitting title for a short brainfart. I know I’m over a month late and I’ll probably be stabbed 23 times for it. If you don’t get that joke then I suggest you put down that xbox controller and go watch some History Channel.

I want to just Ask a quick question about startup ideas and being too late. I recently had a few cracking ideas and have found that most of the good ones have been taken! Some of them have been for profit and others just for fun. it just feels like every time I get a good idea and I think I’m being creative and unique, it usually only takes a quick google search to find that someone has already done it in some way or another.

So my question is: If you can do it better than the last guy, should you go for it?

I mean, is it really worth completely writing off a legitimate business idea just because someone else has already got something out there that is similar? My guess is that the answer is not as clean cut as I think because each idea and circumstance will be unique.

If the premium WordPress theme market is anything to go by then I guess I have my answer.

I think this topic warrants some discussion. What do you think?