Introducing Awesomeness - BoxRockit

There is a new kid on the block and I believe that this startup is going to take off like a Rocket! BoxRockit, still a very young startup, is the answer to selling digital products online, easily.

Sell anything digital like eBooks, videos, digital art, photography, fonts, software using one channel (Twitter) to engage, inform, share, market and sell…

Quickly, easily, cheaply.

I really cant stress how easy it is to sell your “stuff” online. You dont need a website or any of the things associated with online e-commerce. All you need is a digital product.

How many resources are designers and developers, photographers and writers sitting on? I say it’s time to get all that stuff online and make some cash with it, right? Let’s face it, you already spend hours gaining followers on Twitter anyway, now you can sell your products to them!

Basically to put it in a nutshell:

  1. You sign up for FREE at using your Twitter account.
  2. You add a digital download product and schedule some tweets.
  3. Watch the cash roll in :)

If you have any questions regarding BoxRockit please visit the BoxRockit FAQ page or tweet them @BoxRockit or you can just contact me (@pweingartz) on Twitter.

Client Synergy

I have some clients that would be able to benefit from one anthers industries and the entrepreneur inside me was wondering if I should make the connection between them? Do we web designers/developers have a duty to assist our clients in this way or does it violate some unwritten code? Surely bringing like-minded people together is a good thing? 

I was just hoping someone out there might have some input on the matter.